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“When we got married , I was given the scooping chores for my husbands' German Shepherds as a belated and unexpected wedding present. We had a tiny yard in Crown Heights. Listen, Pet Waste Scooper Service saved our marriage." — Sara. Edmond

“One of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time. So glad we found you. Our dogs love your service guy." — Laura B. OKC

“I have seen some of the sweet things you do for our dogs. Thank you, you are such a blessing to us and our dogs”. — Alyson G. Quail Creek

“Thank you for taking such good care of  Bisquit, she looks forward to seeing you each Tuesday & Friday." — Kim R. Nichols Hills

“Good Job. Now the kids can play and I don’t worry about them tracking dog poo into the house”. — Vickie N. OKC

“We love this service, you guys are awesome.“ — Audrey M. Edmond

“You have no idea how much we enjoy the service. No more arguments about whose turn it is or when it was done last. Our teenagers love you cause they don’t have to do it anymore.“ — Becca B. OKC

“What a timesaver, this is a great deal. One less thing for us to worry about. Thanks." — Dottie L. Nichols Hills

“When I saw your truck I knew I had to call. What a cool service  and reasonable, too." — Sheryl C. Oak Tree

“Thank you for changing my pick-up day to Thursday. My husband is ecstatic because he mows on Fridays and now it’s poop free." — Diane G. Norman

“Pet Waste Scooper Service, you rock! I tell all my lawn care customers about you. Everybody wins. They get a clean yard and I don’t mow it & get poop all over my equipment. You haven’t lived until you’ve hit fresh dog poop with a weedeater. You make my job easier, thanks." — Stan J. OKC