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What we do is come to your house each week and clean up all the dog poop in the back yard and take it away with us. You get a nice clean yard every week. We discovered that if you’ll clean up after a dog on a regular basis, a lot of times the dog will go back to the same spot. They’re creatures of habit and they smell where it was. But if you don’t clean it up they don’t like to walk in it any more than we do. So they move over and go next to it and after a while the whole yard is their spot. Then the first pretty day in early spring you look out the back door and think "Oh, my gosh, what happened out there? And who can we call to do something about it?" That's where we come in.

We offer once-a-week , twice-a-week and three times-a-week service. We can come as often as you like.

Residential Rates*

One Visit Per Week Two Visits Per Week Three Visits Per Week
1-3 Dogs $ 57 per month $ 102 per month $ 126 per month
4 Dogs $ 62 per month $ 112 per month $ 131 per month

* Rates are for typical residential back yard , prices may vary for larger lots.

One Time Clean-Ups Are Available Starting At $ 45.00. Call 405-341-7017 for A Free Estimate.