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What does Pet Waste Scooper Service actually do?
We come to your house each week and scoop up all the dog poop in the back yard into plastic bags and take it away with us. You get a nice clean yard every week.

How do you get past the smell and the gross out factor?
It smells like money to us.

How long have you been doing this?
We started our business in March of 1999.

Are people really so lazy that they pay you to pick up dog poop?
It’s not that people are lazy so much as they don’t have time to do all the things they need to do. Most people are running 100 mph , 24/7. We take responsibility for doing something nobody really wants to do.

Why should I have my yard scooped?
Pet Waste does not just melt or float away if you don’t pick it up. It just lays there and breeds flies and disease ( Salmonellosis , Toxocariasis & Toxoplasmosis among others ). It is not  fertilizer, it will burn your lawn because of the excess nitrogen in dog poop.

Don’t the mowers pick it up?
Most mowers have all they can do to pick up grass clippings, much less dog poop. Mulching just means chopping it into smaller pieces and spreading it around.

How often do most people have their lawns scooped?
Once weekly is sufficient for most customers. We also provide twice-a-week and three-times-a-week service. We can come as often as you need us to.

Is there an extra charge for the first time you come?
If it has been awhile since it was scooped there will be an initial clean-up charge. We can tell you the cost when we  get there.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No, just call and we can get everything started over the phone. We can meet your needs without a contract.

Do you have any kind of referral program?
Yes, we do. You send us a friend or neighbor and we give you a credit equal to their monthly charge after they’ve been a customer for 3 months. Be sure to tell us their name so we can credit your account properly.

What areas do you service?
We serve the Greater OKC Metro Area and surrounding suburbs.

What happens when it rains or snows?
When it rains we get wet. Your yard gets serviced as usual. When snow covers the ground we can’t find the poop so we return on your next regular scheduled service day. Your monthly rate remains the same since there will be twice the waste to clean on the next visit.

Do you work year round?
Yes. If you feed them, they poop. As long as your dog does his business we will be there to pick it up.

Do I need to put my dog up on my service day?
No, not unless he/she is a trained attack dog or is really territorial. Most dogs just want a little attention and to have their heads rubbed for a minute. We get along well with dogs, they’re the reason we’re there.

Should I unlock my gate?
If you have a locked gate we need to get a key or a combination so we don’t bother you when we service your yard. Our Scoop-Techs are not allowed to climb gates or jump fences.

Is it possible to get a one-time clean-up?
Absolutely. We do one-time clean-ups for weddings, picnics, reunions and all types of events. Just call 405-341-7017  for a free estimate.