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Homeowners Associations, Apartments and Condo Communities, and Pet Friendly Hotels and Motels, Call us for a free estimate. We have the solution for your pet waste needs.

Weekly Pet Waste Pick-Up

Removing pet waste from your property on a regular, scheduled basis has many benefits:

  • Property is more attractive  to prospective tenants, has more “ curb appeal “.
  • Current tenants/homeowners have more pride in their surroundings, are less likely to litter.
  • Pet waste tracked indoors means higher maintenance costs, shorter carpet life.
  • Quality of life. Pet waste attracts flies which lay eggs and produce more flies.
  • Pet waste contains various bacteria and parasites including Hookworm, Roundworm, Ringworm and Tapeworm. Children playing in the dirt are susceptible to parasitic infections from coming in contact with the eggs left in the soil from dog waste left uncollected.

Pet Waste Bags and Pick Up Stations

We can provide bag dispensers and waste bins for your residents to dispose of their pets’ waste. We keep the dispensers filled with bags and the bins emptied on a regular basis.